Howard County General Hospital, Columbia, MD
Full Scale Exercise

In preparation for their Joint Commission accreditation survey, HCGH engaged Savior Associates to design, execute, and evaluate a large-scale patient surge exercise at the hospital, specifically an active shooter occurring on hospital grounds. During exercise design, HCGH sought to test the following Healthcare Preparedness Capabilities - Emergency Operations Coordination and Medical Surge. Savior understood in order to meet The Joint Commission accreditation standard, external community stakeholders had to be involved in the exercise. To meet this requirement, HCGH invited the Howard County Police and Fire Departments to participate in this exercise. The day of the exercise, twenty-five mock patients assembled, many with simulated injuries through the use of moulage, and simulated they were active shooter casualties. During the exercise, HCGH's Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and the Hospital Command Center (HCC) activated in response to this exercise. In addition, HCGH initiated a full-facility lock down which was also evaluated as part of the process. Exercise support included the preparation of all documentation including the After Action Report / Improvement Plan (AAR/IP), attendance at required meetings, including the controller/evaluator (C/E) briefing, all of which fully complied with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology. 

Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg, PA

HICS Incident Commander Position Specific Training

Evangelical Community Hospital contracted with Savior Associates, LLC to provide Incident Commander Specific Training to their team of persons identified to fill the role of Incident Commander in the event of activation of their Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Savior Associates provided a one day training focused on the role of the Incident Commander.  This training included:

  1. Role of Incident Command within the Incident Command System (ICS)
  2. How to adapt ICS in the Hospital System
  3. Role and responsibilities of the Incident Commander
  4. Command Staff/General Staff
  5. Coordination and communication
  6. Incident Action Plans (IAP)
  7. Key responsibilities
  8. Incident objectives, strategy and tactics​

United Hospital Center (UHC) Bridgeport, West Virginia
Exercise Evaluation for Regional Functional Exercise
United Hospital Center (UHC) contracted with Savior Associates, LLC provide exercise evaluation and support for a regional functional exercise.  Savior provided two (2) exercise evaluators to support UHC’s participation in the regional healthcare functional exercise.  The exercise support included all documentation and required meetings, including attendance at the controller/evaluator (C/E) briefing, to fully comply with HSEEP methodology.  Finally, since the goal of this project is to identify major strengths and areas of improvement, the Savior team will prepared an After Action Report.

Training and Exercises

  Savior Associates, LLC