Tactical plans describe the specific tasks an agency executes during disaster. Savior has experience developing:

  • Functional specific plans (Active shooter)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Job Aids and checklists


Does your agency have specific training needs? If you are looking to avoid "cookie cutter" training, Savior Associates develops customized training to meet your organizational needs. Our professionals understand the value of customized, agency specific training!

Are you looking to discuss your plan in a low-stress, no-fault learning environment? Discussions-based exercises familiarize participants with current plans, policies, agreements and procedures, or may be used to develop new plans, policies, agreements, and procedures. Savior's team of Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) experienced professionals can help. Discussion-based exercises focus on refining concepts in a low-stress environment. Savior assists with the development, execution, and/or evaluation of the following Discussion-Based exercises:

  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Table Top Exercises (TTX)

Operational plans address the broad functions an agency or community must perform during a disaster. These plans outline core functions, agency responsibilities, and mission. Utilizing guidance found in Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101 (CPG-101), Savior works with clients planning teams to produce customized plans, but adhere to the CPG-101 framework. Savior team members have developed:

  • Emergency Operations Plans (EOP)
  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
  • Hospital Operations Plans

FEMA / DHS Trainings

Operations-based exercises validate plans, policies, agreements and procedures, clarify roles and responsibilities, and identify resource gaps in an operational environment.

Savior has supported HSEEP-compliant exercises across the United States.

Savior assists with the development, execution, and/or evaluation of the following Operations-Based exercises, including:

  • Drills
  • Functional Exercises (FE)
  • Full-Scale Exercises (FSE)

Enhancing disaster coordination   through collaborative planning

Healthcare Training

If you are looking to host a DHS or FEMA course in your community, Savior has certified trainers on staff qualified to teach a number of L/G series course.

Developing and delivering customized training programs

operations-based EXERCISES


Hospitals must be ready to respond to disasters in their communities. With a former hospital Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) on staff, Savior understands the unique challenges hospitals face. Among other capabilities, Savior delivers customized Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) training for staff and leadership.




Discussion-based EXERCISES


Basic healthcare training for employees improves the overall safety of an organization.

Savior's healthcare training includes:

  • CPR/Basic First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid

Testing plans and improving operations through HSEEP exercises

customized training

Charting an organization's next-steps begins with strategic planning as it provides a road map for the future. Savior has experience developing strategic plans as well as implementation strategies for these plans.

first AId Training

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