As a Savior Emergency Management Specialist, Matt Maillie offers clients comprehensive emergency management planning, as well as exercise development, execution, and evaluation services. From statewide all-hazard tabletop participation, to evaluation of full-scale mass casualty exercises, this Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program-trained professional is also a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events trainer, which enables him to prepare and protect civilians in active shooter response events.

Matt is a Floodplain Management Specialist Reservist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Cadre, where he has gained flood-related disaster response training. A 2019 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management with honors, he has been an infantryman with the Pennsylvania U.S Army National Guard since 2016.

Recently, Matt served as an Emergency Management Planner for the Tioga County (Pennsylvania) Department of Emergency Services (DES). There, he updated the county’s Hazard Response Plans and developed Continuity of Operations Plans to increase the jurisdiction’s preparedness and resilience with an all-hazards approach. He served as the Planning Section Chief in the Tioga County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during real-world events, and participated in EOC exercise planning, activation, and evaluation. Additionally, as a DES Critical Infrastructure Specialist, Matt designed a county-wide Notification and Resource Manual that catalogues critical resources consistent with the 16 U.S. Department of Homeland Security-prescribed sectors. Broadening his perspective on the essential nature of emergency management stakeholder collaboration, Matt represented Tioga County on the regional Healthcare Coalition and Tioga’s Local Emergency Planning Committee, where he worked on regional resilience initiatives.

Matt Maillie is well-positioned to offer both public- and private-sector clients his commitment to service excellence, experience in all-hazards emergency management, and dedication to build rigorous resilience of communities everywhere.

Matt Maillie 

  Savior Associates, LLC