Savior Associates, LLC



Mr. Eugene “Gene” Steger is Chief Counsel for Savior Associates and provides his services through Steger, Gowie and Co., Inc. Gene provides legal guidance and support to Savior Associates and our clients in post disaster mitigation services. Gene brings over 30 years of experience to the Savior Team

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree at Villanova, Eugene Steger attended the C. Blake McDowell School of Law at the University of Akron where he completed his law degree specializing in taxation. In 1999, Eugene received his Masters of Law and Taxation from the University of Villanova Law School. In addition to being an accomplished lawyer, Eugene has also excelled as a Certified Public Accountant. His accounting strengths include tax preparation and planning for both small and medium businesses as well as individuals.

His law practice specializes in Taxation, Estate Planning, and Valuation Appraisals of businesses for Federal Estate and Litigation Purposes. Eugene Steger is also President of The Tax Exchange Corporation, commonly known in the Real Estate arena as “T-TEC”. Eugene lectures on various tax topics, including Tax Free Exchanges, Buy/Sell Agreements, Estate Planning, and Charitable Gift Giving. He frequently lectures for the Pennsylvania and Chester County Bar Institutes on continuing legal education.